A fantastic end to 2017


At St Joseph and St Bede, we were so very proud of our Key Stage 1 children for their super nativity performance, ‘Children of the World’. The children sang, danced and acted beautifully throughout. Take a look at some of our pictures below.

We reordered Mog’s calamity and wrote our own versions.

We designed our own Christmas jumpers…

We also had a brilliant (noisy!) Christmas party where we played lots of games, and even had a visit from Father Christmas himself!

Christmas dinner was YUMMY!

We took part in the tradition of travelling cribs, and sent our travelling crib to Mrs Aspinall’s class.

There was even time for a visit to the craft fair where we had made lots of Christmas goodies, which were available for us to buy. The money we raise will go to Cornerstones charity.


Class 5 received replies to their letters from a VERY special someone…

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

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Autumn 2 Week 5 and 6 in Year 2


What a busy couple of weeks! We have been rehearsing for our nativity performance, Children of the World. We can’t wait to perform!

After finding an elf and a SantaCam in our classroom, we received a special message from Father Christmas himself!


Watch our message below…



We have sent letters to him so that he definitely knows what we would like for Christmas.

We hope he replies. Miss Lowe did receive some post on Friday, so watch this space!

We watched Mog’s Christmas Calamity and completed some Reading VIPERS questions.

Now that it is Advent, we have been creating some Advent art work. Take a look below.

Look at our Advent door!

Reading Gladiators have been enjoying their new text, all about snakes!

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Autumn 2 Week 4 in Year 2


Today we saw a rainbow – a real moment of awe and wonder for Year 2! It was absolutely beautiful and so clear! We stopped what we were doing to have a look. We were especially excited because our Journey, Quest, Return trilogy which we have been studying featured a rainbow. We love making links with our learning!

Here is the rainbow in the story… What a lovely coincidence!

Image result for quest rainbow aaron becker

Funnily enough, our current Reading Gladiator book also features a rainbow…

Image result for grey island red boat rainbow ian beck

Image result for grey island red boat rainbow ian beck

We were delighted that the books we won arrived from Reading Gladiators/Just Imagine. We have read two of them already.

In science, we have been busily sorting animals according to their categories. We learned about amphibians, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates.

Our first children received their pen licences too! Keep up the good work. We can’t wait to give some more out soon.

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Autumn 2 Week 3 in Year 2


Maths club kick started the week by partitioning and exploring place value. Take a look below.

To link to our current text, ‘Tunnel’, Year 2 have a new small world area. We are enjoying exploring the role of Jack and Rose in the story by Anthony Browne.

We have been making Tunnel freeze frames in pairs and small groups.

As it is Multi-Faith Week this week, we have been exploring prayer in Muslim families. We took part in a prayer ritual, using the positions which Muslims use when they pray. We learned about new babies and the traditions which happen when a baby is born. We found out that the father whispers to the baby to say that Allah is God. The baby also tastes something sweet to symbolise that the baby is a gift from God. After a few days, the baby’s hair is shaved and weighed. Money is given to charity which weighs the same as the baby’s hair. We compared all of this with the Christian tradition of baptism.

Reading Gladiators have been busy also! Here is our work on ‘Grey Island Red Boat’…

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Autumn 2 Week 2 in Year 2


Wow! What a busy week! Our highlight was our assembly on Wednesday which was all about the Day of the Dead, the Mexican festival which we learned about last week.

Here are some video clips and photographs of our performance. Miss Lowe and Miss McLoughlin were incredibly proud of such amazing singing, dancing, rapping(!) and reading. Well done everyone and thankyou to the parents and carers who came to support us.

Here we are creating our assembly art work.

We also had a visit from Father Francis who came to talk to us about Baptism. We learned lots about the symbolism involved.

We also celebrated Remembrance Day this week. We made cupcake case poppies which we offered around the altar in our collective worship session.

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Week 1 Autumn 2 in Year 2


Image result for dia de los muertos

This week we celebrated the Day of the Dead, a Mexican festival, which is also known as Dia de los Muertos.

We took part in lots of activities, finishing with a Mexican workshop led by Mrs Oliver who comes from Mexico. She showed us some authentic Mexican costumes. We were even able to dress up and learn a Mexican dance.

Here is our Mexican Dance.


Year 2 enjoyed creating their own Day of the Dead altars during role play.

The children created beautiful masks for the celebrations.

We watched a beautiful video in which a young Mexican girl visits her Mother’s grave to celebrate the Day of the Dead. After decorating, she is transported to an underground world where she dances with a skeleton band and meets her mother who decorates her hair with a beautiful flower. Year 2 wrote diary extracts in role as the little girl., using some super vocabulary.

Watch the video clip below.

We attended mass for All Saints Day which is linked to the Day of the Dead as it is a chance to honour and celebrate those people who have died.

We finished the week with a Mexican Fiesta in class. We played with the Pinata, hitting it until it split open to reveal some sweets. We danced to Mexican music and ate some Mexican food – guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips and Mexican rice. It was yummy!

Year 2 have been busy preparing for our assembly on this theme, and we can’t wait to perform for you on Weds 8th November at 9:05.

Here is a sneak peek at our skeleton dance…

English essay on My School Library for students & children

As we are updating our school library, we would love your feedback… Please follow the link below.


AND FINALLY… Year 2 are this week’s attendance winners. Well done everyone for being in school regularly!

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What an end to Autumn 1


We had an exciting end to Autumn 1. Miss McLoughlin and Miss Lowe are so pleased with how well Year 2 have settled in to their new class. As a treat, we had a visit from the Commando Joe inflatable. Take a look at us in action below.

Here is a video of our photographs from the session.

We went to watch Nursery’s harvest celebration, which was wonderful.

We took part in our Reception and Key Stage 1 Harvest Festival. Miss Lowe was so proud of how well everyone joined in. It was an amazing turn out from our parents and carers who came to support us.

We did some sequencing in maths to boost our skills in knowledge of number.

We also celebrated Black History Month. We learned about Barack Obama and Nelson Mandella amongst others. We also listened to ‘So Much’, a story centred around the Black culture.

We made our own tribal pattern sticks and a large piece of artwork which we will use as a collective worship cloth. Thanks to Miss Stowe who came to help us.

Take a look below at our lovely work.

We loved the brain break which was from the Jamaican culture.

The Reading Gladiators experimented with sentences in their session.









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Autumn 1 Week 6 in Year 2


Another busy week for Year 2! We have been eagerly preparing for the Harvest festival next week.

This week we loved visiting Rachel in the Life Education Caravan where we learned all about our bodies and our feelings. We particularly enjoyed meeting Harold the giraffe!

Our Quest predictions can be viewed below.

Look at Aaron Becker’s twitter response!


We have been inspired by Aaron Becker’s ‘Quest’, so in literacy, we worked on speech this week. Take a look at some of our ideas here. We also wrote some speech bubbles using varied sentence openers and conjunctions. There are lots of other ideas on our school Youtube channel.



Our reading gladiators loved exploring character feelings during our latest session. We had to rank the feelings of one of the characters from ‘The Moon Dragons’ in order of importance.

Here is our super homework.

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Autumn 1 Week 5 in Year 2 Dyslexia Awareness Week


This week, to mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, we took part in lots of activities which enabled us to record using a variety of methods.

In maths we used money to help us to learn our number bonds.

We worked practically in maths to make models of 50.

We particularly enjoyed making freeze frames as part of our work on ‘Quest’ by Aaron Becker.

We even got a tweet back from him!

We also enjoyed predicting what will happen in the book. Instead of writing our predictions, we used video to record our ideas.

In RE we have been learning about signs and symbols. We went on a signs and symbols hunt around school and recorded our findings using the PicCollage app.

Our art work was completed using only paint brushes. It looks wonderful!

This week we also enjoyed our time in the computer suite. We mastered the skill of logging on and off the computers efficiently and also switching on and off.

On Friday, we brightened up for the Harvest and wore our brightest colours to school.

Take a sneak peek at our Harvest Festival art work.


We have been thinking about the feelings of the King in ‘The Moon Dragons’. Can you guess how he felt?

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Autumn 1 Week 4 in Year 2


This week we went to Eureka! We had a fantastic time. We enjoyed a Gross Lab workshop where we made yukky snot! We thought it was great, and became Grossologists at the end!! Take a look at our pictures in the video below.



In RE we thought about all we had learned about new beginnings. We put all our ideas together in a collective worship session.

Our Reading Gladiators loved their first session on Thursday. We began to gather our thoughts and predictions about ‘The Moon Dragon’. We are so excited to start reading next session.

We have been researching our area in geography so that we can tell Katie Morag all about it. We found out lots about Bury and its attractions using the iPads.

Keep watching for our ‘No Pens Wednesday’ activities next week…

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